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Kellie Davideit

District 4 Committeeperson

My husband, Brian, our children, and I have been living in Metuchen on Bounty Street for over 28 years. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the Metuchen community and its organizations in many capacities during this time. I have been a Democratic Committeeperson for District 4, served on the board of the Edgar School PTO, and worked as a trustee on the Metuchen Public Library Board of Trustees.

I moved to Metuchen for the train station and the ability to commute easily, but I’ve stayed because it’s a wonderful, supportive community within which to raise my family. We in District 4 are lucky to live within walking distance to our thriving downtown and so many of the new and amazing community based activities.

Carl Zeitz

District 4 Committeeperson

I’m proud to call Metuchen my home as a 24 year resident. My wife started her career as an Edgar School Teacher, and I spent many days on the Northeast Corridor train commuting to and from NYC. We now raise an active 11 year old boy in the “Brainy Boro.” As a District 4 Committeeperson for nine years, I’ve seen and participated in the Metuchen transformation – moving from a sleepy downtown with storefront vacancies and an unsure future, to a revitalized Main Street that is attractive, bustling, and diverse in its offerings. I support programming that brings awareness and diversity to our community which helps support our local businesses, the lifeblood of our downtown. With the increased awareness of Metuchen as a destination, I strongly support all efforts for increased pedestrian safety, especially those District 4 thoroughfares leading to Main Street – Woodbridge Avenue and Amboy Avenue.