Bobbie Theivakumaran

District 1 Committeeperson

My family and I moved to Metuchen for its great community and have been proud residents on East Chestnut since moving here from nearby Highland Park in 2015. Elections and democracy are important to me, and I have met many of you in my role as your committee person or as an activist in town. Metuchen is an amazing place and community, and I am so proud of Metuchen and its leaders and how far we have come in during my family’s time here and excited to have been a part of this change with so many of you.

As a resident and active volunteer, I have sat on the stakeholder formation committee and a founding member of the Metuchen Downtown Alliance where I have sat on its executive board, and currently chair the organization. As you know, it was recently named a 2023 Great American Main Street Award winner! I am an active member of the local Democrats and work closely on numerous issues that are core to our values as a family and have held a seat in the Metuchen Equity Commission and currently serve on the Metuchen Human Relations Commission.

Joe Rydarowski

District 1 Committeeperson

I’ve been your neighbor on Mason Drive for nearly 13 years and I’m proud to call Metuchen home. Moving our family to Metuchen was one of the best decisions of my life and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. You may recognize me from around the neighborhood with my wife Debbie and our 3 boys, as we run between various kids sporting events, or out playing baseball on the front lawn.

For the past 5 years I’ve been leading the “Save the Lucille Ball Pond” effort. The 20,000 year old pond is located at the corner of Clive Street and Mason Drive, and we’ve been working to save this unique habitat from overdevelopment. Although the pond is located in Edison, Mayor Busch and the Metuchen Council have been incredible supporters of our efforts. This includes obtaining an audience with the NJDEP as well as numerous Middlesex County and State officials to highlight the importance of preserving this property. Our success in protecting any potential impact to the pond is largely attributed to their support and their close working relationship with Middlesex County and Edison.

Alan Grossman

District 2 Committeeperson

I have been a proud resident and volunteer in Metuchen for over 20 years, especially in my service as a District 2 Democratic Committee Member. My children are graduates of Metuchen schools and my wife Wendy and I have always treasured our time here. I have worked in many volunteer roles throughout the years, and I currently serve on the Planning Board and belong to the Historical Society and BIL.

Our District is an important part of the Democratic process in making sure that our town continues the positive progress that has taken place with our elected leaders. I am proud of my neighbors who make a difference in volunteering for our community.

Kathy Busch

District 2 Committeeperson

Since moving to East Chestnut Avenue more than ten years ago with my family, it has been my honor to serve as a District 2 Democratic Committee Member. You may have seen me around the neighborhood: I have three sons that attend our local schools, I am married to Mayor Jonathan Busch, and I focus a great deal of my time on supporting our community through a variety of volunteer causes. Additionally, I am proud to have served as an At-Large Delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

We produce some of the highest Democratic vote totals in the Borough here in District 2, and I am proud of the role that our District plays in ensuring that Metuchen continues to move forward. It is crucial that we nominate candidates who share our vision for Metuchen’s future and that the principles of fairness, equity and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms are reflected throughout our community.

Beatrice Moskowitz

District 3 Committeeperson

I have called Metuchen my home for more than 40 years. In that time, I have served in many capacities throughout town, including having the honor of serving as a council person for many years and as a Democratic committee person for even more.

It has been an honor watching the town evolve and adapt to become a more welcoming community of thoughtful planning and accomplishment. The town’s leadership has been deliberate and aggressive and we have benefited with an incredible Greenway, town parks, and excellent schools – not to mention our award winning Main Street!

Paul Nadler

District 3 Committeeperson

My family has been proud to call friendly, collegial Metuchen home since 1996. My wife and I raised our wonderful daughter and son in the Metuchen schools (and sports teams, and plays, and Scouts), and have been active for decades in civic life. Currently, besides having the honor of being a District 3 Middlesex County Democratic Committeeperson, I am a democracy advocate, and am on the board of a Metuchen theatre company.

Kellie Davideit

District 4 Committeeperson

My husband, Brian, our children, and I have been living in Metuchen on Bounty Street for over 28 years. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the Metuchen community and its organizations in many capacities during this time. I have been a Democratic Committeeperson for District 4, served on the board of the Edgar School PTO, and worked as a trustee on the Metuchen Public Library Board of Trustees.

I moved to Metuchen for the train station and the ability to commute easily, but I’ve stayed because it’s a wonderful, supportive community within which to raise my family. We in District 4 are lucky to live within walking distance to our thriving downtown and so many of the new and amazing community based activities.

Carl Zeitz

District 4 Committeeperson

I’m proud to call Metuchen my home as a 24 year resident. My wife started her career as an Edgar School Teacher, and I spent many days on the Northeast Corridor train commuting to and from NYC. We now raise an active 11 year old boy in the “Brainy Boro.” As a District 4 Committeeperson for nine years, I’ve seen and participated in the Metuchen transformation – moving from a sleepy downtown with storefront vacancies and an unsure future, to a revitalized Main Street that is attractive, bustling, and diverse in its offerings. I support programming that brings awareness and diversity to our community which helps support our local businesses, the lifeblood of our downtown. With the increased awareness of Metuchen as a destination, I strongly support all efforts for increased pedestrian safety, especially those District 4 thoroughfares leading to Main Street – Woodbridge Avenue and Amboy Avenue.

Marguerite O’Brien

District 5 Committeeperson

My husband Ed and I have been proud residents of Metuchen for 50 years, and I worked in the Metuchen school system as a third grade teacher for 27 years. As a result, I have spent my days living and working in Metuchen and have been very much involved in its evolution over the years to see it become the desirable town it is today. Our children both attended Metuchen schools and presently my grandchildren are doing the same. Therefore my commitment to serving our community remains strong to ensure my grandchildren continue to experience the joy of living in such a special town.

As a teacher and parent I was one of the founding members of the Metuchen Education Foundation which continues to support our excellent school system. I have been involved in the PTO at all our schools over the years as well as being an active member of the Metuchen High School Booster Club.

As a District 5 Democratic Committee member I have been a part of the process that has made Metuchen such a thriving and desirable community, I am proud to be a part of an organization that supports our Democratic principles.

Jerred Cook

District 5 Committeeperson

Michele and I moved our family to Metuchen just over 9 years ago, and it was the best move we have ever made. We live on Upland in District 5 in a wonderful neighborhood with the best neighbors we could ask for. We are heavily invested in our community and love everything about Metuchen. Our 2 kids both attend Edgar and enjoy many activities through the schools and with our Borough and Michele, is a teacher in Union County and has served as one of our Metuchen School District Board Members for the past 5 years.

I am very honored to have served as District 5 Democratic Committee Member for the past few years and also as our Democratic Committee Treasurer. I have coached my kids in baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, and I helped to run the Coder Dojo at our Metuchen Library for a few years. These past few years I have spent working with a few others to build our Metuchen Momentum Robotics Program in cooperation with the Metuchen School District Administration at both the High School and Edgar Middle School. I am also proud to be a member of our Metuchen Elks Lodge 1914. Many of you will also know me from the Metuchen Soccer Club as I have been deeply involved there for many years helping to run our Recreational Programs.

Shannon Osborn-Jones

District 6 Committeeperson

I’ve been your neighbor for 15 years since my husband and I moved here in 2008 and chose Metuchen to raise our three children. I’ve volunteered at all the schools that our children attended during this time, as well as Junebug and other downtown events. I am so proud to be a part of the thriving arts scene in this town and our close knit community.

Linda Koskoski

District 6 Committeeperson

I first moved to Metuchen as a renter and loved it so much that I bought my home on Goodwill Place over 30 years ago. Since then I’ve raised my family here, ran a successful downtown business and volunteered in so many different ways from Scout leader to Council President. Along the way, I served as your committee person in District 6, as President of the Library Board and served 2 terms as a council member.

During my time on council, Metuchen experienced the revitalization that led to the national recognition of winning the Main Street Award. With your support, I will continue to work hard to represent our district and support the leadership that has made Metuchen such a wonderful place to live.

Alan Johnson

District 7 Committeeperson

My wife, Jen, and I moved to Metuchen in 2017, when we were expecting our first daughter. Since then, our family has grown with the addition of a second daughter in 2019 and boy/girl twins in 2021. I love this town, and I have tried to do my part to help and contribute to the community. I served on the Traffic and Transportation committee, as safety and mobility in our Borough is one of my concerns. I also served on the Mayor’s Equity Commission to research and recommend improvements for the Metuchen Police Department’s outcomes and community relations.

It has been my honor to serve as a Middlesex County and Metuchen Democratic Committee Member for District 7 since 2019. We see ourselves raising our children to adulthood on Myrtle Ave, and I am invested in doing whatever I can to make sure our district and town find ways to become ever more wonderful.

Tilanka Karunaratne

District 7 Committeeperson

When my husband, Bill, and I moved to Metuchen in 2006, an easy commute to work was key for us. We found Metuchen to be centrally located with easy access to trains and major highways. We loved the charming downtown with its many restaurants and shops as well. Then, when our family expanded to include our two daughters, Metuchen provided us with a safe neighborhood to raise them, excellent schools, a library system, parks, a town pool, and a robust recreational program.

Underpinning all these amenities are the wonderful residents of Metuchen; from our neighbors to fellow parents, to the community of volunteers that support town activities, which makes it a great place to live. I would like to see Metuchen continue to thrive for all its residents. It would be a privilege to serve this community as a Democratic Committeeperson for District 7.

Margo Wheeler

District 8 Committeeperson

My husband and I moved to Metuchen over twenty years ago, mainly because one of us was working in NYC and the other in Trenton and it was halfway on the train line with a town. We are one of the many who have done the Metuchen shuffle as we are now in our third place in town. Over the years that we have been here, we have witnessed the energy and supportive community continue to grow.

I am proud to have represented District 8 as a committee person for many years and hope to continue to do so. I’ve been involved with numerous volunteer roles in town. I served on the Metuchen Pool Commission for several years, have been an active participant for the Fuccile Foundation for over a decade, and designed logos/flyers for various events in town such as Junebug, Bike/Walk Metuchen, and many others.

Brian W. Hajjar

District 8 Committeeperson

I have been an active, involved, and dedicated resident and volunteer in Metuchen since moving here in 2007. From serving as VP of the Garden Club of Metuchen and continuing with coaching my children’s sports teams, to being an active member and volunteer of the First Presbyterian Church of Metuchen, and now as a Trustee of the Metuchen Public Library, I have invested my time and energy for the betterment of our borough. I live in Metuchen with my wife Elvia, and two children in District 8 near Edgar School and the YMCA. As parents we try to lead through example about the importance of volunteering and being active in our wonderful community. The Democratic party has been integral to making so many positive changes here in Metuchen, and I’m proud to be on the team. Our district will have some big changes coming up, especially around the Edgar School area and it is important to have a voice in the process.

Deborah G. Braga

District 9 Committeeperson

Although I moved to Metuchen last year, I have spent the last six years working and supporting Middlesex County residents. I’ve worked in various capacities, including as Campaigns Director at the Middlesex County Democratic Organization, in Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo’s Office, and currently as the Deputy Clerk at the Middlesex County Clerk’s Office. Before graduating Rutgers University in 2017, I quickly realized the importance of participating in the State and local political process to make a positive impact for families in every community. I’ve spent years working with various groups and community organizations, like the Middlesex County Young Democrats where I proudly served as the Vice President and Event Chair, to promote voter education and engagement, especially amongst young voters, and spent my free time connecting families with available resources at the federal, state and county level.

When making the decision to move into the County, Metuchen was at the top of my list. The Borough has truly distinguished itself throughout the State for its commuter friendliness, great schools, bustling downtown, and diversity. I have been fortunate to call Metuchen my home for the past year and I want to continue giving back to the community by representing my neighbors as a County Committee Member. I want to be a part of what makes Metuchen welcoming to new faces and ensure that we continue to progress forward.

Asela Laguna-Mourao

District 9 Committeeperson

My family moved to Metuchen in 1987, after my parents were invited to dinner here and fell in love with the “Brainy Borough.” My sisters and I spent our first summer in Metuchen riding our bikes throughout town, enjoying the Metuchen Pool, BBQing with neighbors, and making lifelong friendships.

Although college and early pursuits took me away, soon after I became a parent, I rushed back to Metuchen with my husband and two young children, and have been a resident and volunteer here since 2014. While some things may look different now from when I was growing up, there is even more to do and enjoy, and more opportunities to participate and give back in a more diverse and dynamic town.

As a Metuchen High School student, I learned the value of volunteerism and I’ve done my best to take those values into my life. I served on the Board Metuchen Human Relations Commission from its reinstatement until 2021. I am proud to be a Democratic Committeeperson in District 9, a role I have held for the last 4 years. As a public school teacher, I have a deep appreciation for the enrichment the Metuchen Public Schools offer our students – both academically and non academically and knowing my own children can enjoy and benefit from them is one of the major reasons I prefer to be here.

All residents are important and I will continue to engage on behalf of my corner of town.

Thomas Kanitra

District 10 Committeeperson

I have been a resident of Metuchen for over 35 years. I grew up in Woodbridge and Edison and eventually moved to our home in Metuchen, where we raised our family. My children attended Metuchen schools before heading off to college and starting their own careers. I’m now an adjunct professor of Chemistry at Middlesex College after retiring from a rewarding 25-year engineering profession at Bristol-Myers Squibb in New Brunswick.

I enjoy the vibrant Metuchen downtown area and especially enjoy eating at many of our fantastic restaurants. Several years ago, I saw a large crowd inside the coffee shop in town signing petitions for committee members. I learned that my district did not have 2 committee members so I volunteered to join. Since then, it has been my privilege to hold that committee position.

Krista Caiola

District 10 Committeeperson

Looking for a commuter and family friendly town, my husband and I moved to Metuchen in 2008. Our two children attend Metuchen public schools, regularly “go downtown “ with friends, and play sports and enjoy the town pool. We could not be happier with the decision we made to move here.

I served as Local Group Lead for Moms Demand Action of Middlesex County from 2018 through 2022 and continue to volunteer with that organization. I have been Sponsorship Coordinator for Metuchen Baseball and Softball since 2019. I joined the Middlesex County Medical Volunteer Corps in early 2021 and participated as a vaccinator at the county run COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

Communities thrive with high levels of member engagement and committed leadership.

Lenore Boyarin

District 11 Committeeperson

I have lived in Metuchen for many years, but as a long time North Edison resident, Metuchen was always a big part of my life. I live with my life partner Steve Helfand, and all of our children are adults and on their own. We enjoy having them all here for holidays and to enjoy good dining downtown, especially with music on the Plaza.

I have been President of Neve Shalom in Metuchen, and a Life Member of Metuchen’s Hadassah Chapter called Gesher, with many different portfolios. I am currently a member of the Metuchen Democratic Committee representing the 11th District, and a recently appointed member of the Metuchen Arts Council; I have joined Friends of Metuchen Arts as well. I look forward to making contributions to our town which will bring credit to our name, Best Main Street, and more!

Richard Green

District 11 Committeeperson

A resident of Metuchen since 2011, I have been an active member of the bustling Metuchen community for almost as long. I even recruited my partner, Rob, to join me in Metuchen!

My community involvement includes being a member of these organizations – the Metuchen Human Relations Commission, the Metuchen Planning Board, the Franklin Square Condominium Association, the Middlesex County Democratic Organization LGBT Caucus, the Borough Improvement League, Metuchen Democratic Organization, and the Metuchen-Edison Historical Society.

Metuchen thrives because of its dedicated volunteers, each of whom bring a unique set of talents and perspectives to the roles they serve. An engaged community helps to ensure progress for current and future generations.

Daniel Hirsch

District 12 Committeeperson

My wife, Debra, and I moved to Metuchen over thirty years ago. We live on Miller Drive. We have raised two daughters, both of whom graduated from the Metuchen Public School system.

Since moving to Metuchen, I have had the pleasure of living in this wonderful town and the honor of serving Metuchen in many ways. This includes representing the Borough of Metuchen on the Planning Board, the Technical Review Committee, the Environmental Commission, and the Parking Authority, culminating in being appointed to, and later elected to the Metuchen Borough Council.

In the community, I have also been a member of the Board of Directors for Neve Shalom, and later a member of the Executive Committee, which culminated in being elected the President of Neve Shalom from 2015-2017

Megan Sullivan

District 12 Committeeperson

A resident of Metuchen since 2005, I am a local behavioral health provider with a small business in town. My husband Tim and I have raised our three children in Metuchen schools, where I have been a team parent and coach for several of my children’s sports teams.

I look forward to supporting my district and continuing the great progress that my family and I have enjoyed in the recent years.

Karen Alexander

District 13 Committeeperson

We moved to Metuchen almost 20 years ago, and I have served in many volunteer roles, including the Traffic and Transportation Committee, Planning Board, and Friends of the Library Board. I was recently appointed as a Library Trustee and serve on the YMCA Board, as well. My husband and I moved here because it felt warm and friendly, had great “bones” as a livable small town, and a transit village! (I worked in transportation.) I love how Metuchen has become so vibrant in the time we’ve lived here.

Those of us in District 13 enjoy great access to the Middlesex Greenway – providing us a great way to get around town without a car. I have been a Committeewoman since 2016, and feel honored to be one of the many people helping make our town a great place to live.

John Wiley

District 13 Committeeperson

I was born in Gettysburg, PA, but soon after, I have been a lifelong resident of the Borough of Metuchen. Since 1975, I have been a practicing attorney in the Borough of Metuchen, with a focus on residential real estate, commercial real estate and land use applications.

It was also an honor to give back to Metuchen where I served six years as a councilman, twelve years as the Mayor, and currently an active board member of the Middlesex County Utilities Authority and the Dismal Swamp Preservation Commission.